RobberDock Games – Sheepwith OST

Sheepwith by Iiro Lindell / RobberDock Games is an arcade-style flying game where you rescue sheep from wolves and other hazards. I had the pleasure of writing music and doing some plane sound design for the project.

It was the first of my larger projects, and one of Iiro’s as well – and as such a fair amount of time was spent learning to communicate with each other – with people of different skillsets and interests. In the end we opted for the bright, upbeat, kind-of-funky style of music that you can hear above. In retrospect the mixing is perhaps a bit too bright, but overall we were (and at least I still am) happy with the general results: the songs are quite catchy, they all fit the theme of the levels, and definitely the overall aesthetic of the game.

The game is available to play on Iiro’s page ( and on