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Self-Portrait, watercolour and digital collage (2022)

I am Adi Saikkonen, an electronic musician, a composer and a fine artist living in Jyväskylä, Finland.

I’ve composed music for video games and released numerous albums under the moniker “Blingley”. These can be found under the music section, as well as on my bandcamp page (https://blingley.bandcamp.com/). I enjoy exploring the rougher side of music, including some “ugly” sounds, and doing it in a fairly freeform experimental context that is still grounded in clear metric rhythms.

I began my studies in fine art in January 2022, in the evening/weekend program organized as a collaboration between the University of Lapland and Jyväskylän Kesäyliopisto. As an artist I’m still looking for my voice and exploring different mediums, but I’m especially enjoying watercolour painting. I am inspired by nature and especially the relationships humans have to it.

For business inquiries, commissions, etc contact me at adirsaikkonen@gmail.com